European social partners celebrate mid-term results of their Roadmap project 2015-2020

European social partners celebrate mid-term results of their Roadmap project 2015-2020


Today, the European Sectoral Social Partners in the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics industry presented their brochure on the results of their joint work over the past three years.

The brochure intends to visualise the concrete results of nearly 3 years of intense work of both social partners and their affiliates at national level. It evaluates the following outcomes:

  • Ten years of sectoral social dialogue in the European chemical industry
  • Addendum to the Framework Agreement on competence profiles
  • Joint position on social and employment-related aspects of digitalisation
  • The ‘European Framework of Action on Sustainable Employment and Career Development’ and its toolbox on good practices


The toolbox is a collection of the good practices of national and European social partners in the sector in the field of sustainable employment and career development. It is annexed to the framework of action which was signed off on 14 June 2017 and aims to reinforce social dialogue at EU level.

Both social partners wish to inspire stakeholders to add good practices to future editions of the toolbox. Paper copies of both brochure and toolbox will be disseminated among both social partners’ EU28 affiliates.

IndustriAll European Trade Union and the European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG) committed to a new work programme for 2018 – 2020.  Within the Roadmap concept, a major focus will lie on the EU-funded project VS/2017/0358 entitled “The impact of digital transformation and innovation in the workplace: a sector-specific study of the European chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics industry in Europe”.

Sylvain Lefebvre, Deputy General Secretary of industriAll European Trade Union affirmed that “both partners stepped up their commitment to social dialogue and fostered the implementation of European social dialogue outcomes”.

Emma Argutyan, Director General of the European Chemical Employers Group added that “ongoing project activities have strengthened this social dialogue and we look forward to further collaboration based on mutual trust and commitment”.

The brochure in eight languages can be found here: BG CZ DE EN ES FR IT PL.

The toolbox in three languages can be found here: DE EN FR

All information regarding the Roadmap project can be found on the joint social partner project website: 

For more information contact: Sylvain Lefebvre and Emma Argutyan.

The European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG) represents the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics industries in Europe. As a Brussels-based social affairs organisation it is a recognised social partner and a consultation body of the European Institutions and other stakeholders. With approximately 3.3 million direct employees in more than 94.000 enterprises, the sector is one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in the EU.

IndustriAll European Trade Union
represents the voice of 7 million working men and women across supply chains in manufacturing, mining and energy sectors across Europe. We aim to protect and advance the rights of the workers. Our federation has 177 trade union affiliates in 38 European countries. Our objective is to be a powerful player in the European political arena vis-à-vis European companies, European industries, employers’ associations and European institutions.

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