The ECEG becomes member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The ECEG becomes member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition


The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is a multi-stakeholder partnership involving Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs and educational establishments – to help meet the high demand for digital skills in Europe which are essential in today’s digital society and economy.

The ECEG endorsed the objectives and principles of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Charter.

Together with our social partner industriAll Europe, we foresee the following actions, as described in the Joint Position of European Social Partners of Chemical Industry on social and employment related aspects of digitalisation signed in November 2016:

  • “Engage with the European Parliament, Commission and social stakeholders, and promote the European Sectoral Social Dialogue as part of the solution to take an advantage of the social and employment-related impact of digital transformation;
  • Take on the opportunity to have a positive social and societal impact and to shape the European discussion by underlining the evolution of work life;
  • Draw up an action plan/tool box aimed at sharing good practices and learning from less successful experiences, with the help of case-based studies from our member associations and their members;
  • Emphasise that European Sectoral Social Partners via their members are ready to provide input on updating of curricula and required sector-specific skills;
  • Promote a sectoral discussion at European and national levels in order to raise awareness on this issue as well as exchange on future skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling needs of the existing workforce.

The European Sectoral Social Partners of the chemical industry wish thereby to contribute to a constructive sectoral debate on national and European level in order to shape the social and employment-related implications of digitalisation in favour of a competitive and social European Industry.”

The ECEG is currently working on the pledge, which could best contribute to the Coalition’s aims, in particular to support the up-skilling and retraining of the workforce for new digital technologies in our sector.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the ECEG secretariat.

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